“Path” ($12.95, Com.X) is essentially a chase story of the Wile E. Coyote vs. Road Runner variety. Story opens with a bang as a talking rabbit on the run from some crocidogs meets an elephant — and the two team up on the run to an unexpected point of destiny for them both. This comes from Com.X in England, and is written and “artworked” by Gregory S. Baldwin in a nice, cartoony style that evokes Sam Kieth’s work on the excellent old “Maxx” series.

Most of the story involves various chases and close escapes that are done well and come into focus with an unexpectedly touching point right at the end. It takes a while to get there, but it’s quite worth the relatively short trip.

The artwork is essential to the telling of this tale, and it’s all done in what looks like pencil drawings with gray tones added via the computer. The tones give the book a nice overall look, but often doesn’t have enough variation in shades, leaving too many panels and pages looking like a gray wash. I wish this book had been done in color, as it looks like the interiors are published in a “rich black” — or sepia, I guess — in which faint bits of color seem to be trying to edge their way in to the images.