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Happy St. Patrick’s Day with Proinsias Cassidy

I wonder how many comics fans in America drank their first pint of Guinness (or any kind of stout for that matter) because of Garth Ennis’s stories in Hellblazer and Preacher?

Anyway, one of my favorite bits in the long and most excellent run of Preacher was the two-part origin of Cassidy in issues 25-26, drawn by Steve Dillon and published way back in 1997. I especially love Cass’s real name was Proinsias, a Gaelic name so bizarre to American ears that Ennis started off his letter column on this story by answering the most common question this way: “PRAWN-SHAS. OKAY?”

For those who missed it, here’s the last page from issue 25, in which Jesse gives his ol’ Irish pal a classic hard time. (Click for an easier read.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Slainte.


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  1. kap

    I actually started drinking Sierra Nevada because of a Preacher letter column back in the day, all those many years ago. Ennis mentioned having it on a trip to the States, and damned if it wasn’t as tasty as he said it was.

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