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Go buy Marvel omnibuses from Amazon right now!

Thanks to a tip from Bleeding Cool, go to Amazon as quickly as possible and scoop up the Marvel Omnibus titles you’ve been putting off buying. Normally priced anywhere from $75 to $100, tons of these books are currently selling on the site for $14.99 all the way down to $8.49!

Titles include X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1, Wolverine Omnibus Vol. 1, The Ultimates Omnibus Vol. 1, Secret Wars and Secret Wars IIGolden Age Marvel Comics and even the non-Marvel $125 Madman Gargantua! I picked up a few of these myself, as these prices are almost too good to be true …. so let’s hope this isn’t a glitch that will result in the worst-case scenario of Amazon not honoring these prices.


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  1. thanks for the tip, i just ordered at least $250 worth of books for $31. amazon has been known to honor their glitches in the past, i remember a similar thing happening with the preorder for one of the absolute sandman books.

  2. My husband expects to have Amazon cancel his order.

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