Tim Leong has made the sad announcement that he’s pulling the plug on his magazine Comic Foundry because his burgeoning career at Complex Magazine just leaves insufficient time to continue to put it out. Which is a shame, because Comic Foundry was the best and most interesting mag about comics to come along in ages, crossing the seemingly vast divide between all-out geekdom and comics as pop culture. As much as I enjoy trolling the net for news, the nostalgia of the TwoMorrows mags and the in-depthness of the Comics Journal, I miss having something that fills the pop, “comics are cool” role that Wizard played once upon a time. Like spinner racks in the local candy store, the time has apparently passed for such magazines.

UPDATE: Write Now!, the mag about writing for comics, animation, TV, etc., also is ending its run. Edited by author and former Spider-Man editor Danny Fingeroth, the TwoMorrows mag was felled by low circulation and February’s issue #20 will be the last.