In case you missed it, last week Marvel premiered its upcoming original animated movie Planet Hulk at the Paley Center in both New York and Los Angeles. I live-blogged the post-screening panel out west for Newsarama, which you can read here.

I quite like these animated movies, especially the ones that are wildly inventive like Batman: Gotham Knight or adapt specific comic stories like Planet Hulk. I will confess to not being terribly familiar with Planet Hulk prior to seeing the screening, but I came out wanting to pick it up and read it. (It’ll have to wait until I find a deal — the trade I spotted at Comics Factory in Pasadena this week cost $35!) And I just got the Blu-ray to check out for Animation (you’re all checking out that site, right?)

Here’s the trailer to Planet Hulk, which comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on Feb. 2, and is well worth checking out.

If there’s one area where the Warner Bros. folks solidly beat Marvel on these things, it’s in the animation. It’s just too hard to top the crew they have over there, loaded with guys like Bruce Timm. My knowledge of these Crisis stories isn’t very deep, but I still am looking forward to checking out Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and figuring out how close it is to the comics. Plus, there’s a cool-looking Spectre short on this disc written by Steve Niles that also should be fun.

Here’s the trailer for JL: COTE, out Feb. 23.